Body Beast Before and After Results

Yesterday was my final day of 90 days of Body Beast.  I originally had a goal to gain 10 lbs of lean muscle mass, but about a week into my workout I figured that I actually don't have control over that if I plan on sticking to the program's workouts and nutrition.  So my new goal was just that: sticking to the program -never missing a workout and always eating based on the nutrition.  I made that goal!  The simple Body Beast nutrition plan made it really easy.  Let's look at my results.

Before and After
Body Beast Before and After (Sept 24, 2012 and Dec 16, 2012)
I am very happy with my before and after shots.  You can totally see it in my arms and chest, but nothing says "Awe yeah" like my face ... I just look more beasty.

Body Beast Measurement Results
I gained 1 inch on chest and each arm.  My thighs evened out from how they were from years of skateboarding. And overall gained of 8 lbs after shredding fat.

Why I didn't include body fat measurements
There really is no accurate way to calculate my body fat as I used two different digital scales and the fat caliper and it seems like I was getting different readings on each one.  Through the program one read 17.2%-20.6% body fat, the other 12.0%-13.1%, and the caliper 12%-14%.  So because the readings were so different I won't include that data.  But I will include a chart of my weight by week.

Measuring my weight over time
Body Beast Weight Tracker

My weight jumped up in the first 3 weeks Build Phase and then steadily increased in the following 6 weeks (Bulk Phase then decreased the last 3 weeks in the Beast Phase.

Overall, I am very happy with my results.  I recommend this program to anyone who is trying to build muscle.  The workouts were enjoyable and so was the process.  I feel good and look good.  If you are interested in trying this workout for yourself, click the banner below.  If you are concerned because this is primarily a body building program and you are looking to lose weight, there is also a body sculpting regimen in this program called "Lean Beast."  Additionally, there are plenty of other in home workouts that I am very familiar with.  I would love to chat about what might be right for you - just leave a comment or contact me directly.  Additionally, if you want an online fitness accountability group through Facebook, I'd be glad to get you into contact with people who are also interested in fitness goals.

What is Body Beast?

Before I answer that, let me say that this is my final week of Body Beast and my results are fantastic. In less than 3 months I gained an inch around both of my arms and my chest. I've gone from 178.4 lbs to 188.8 (my goal was 10lbs), so I guess I did well! I am still losing fat though.

My Body Beast Mobile Gym
I started Body Beast in late September just 3 weeks after getting married. It's a good thing too because I don't know how I would have been able to keep up with the nutrition without my wife's help. She's been on it! The program does make it easy to count calories. The nutrition plan is in itself very remarkable. "EAT LIKE A BEAST!" is something you'll hear several times though the program guide book. It's a good thing too because skinny guys forget that.

Week 12, I feel amazing. Gained some muscle. Look better physically than I ever have before. I understand nutrition and working out better. I have gained a great deal of mental fortitude and discipline putting myself through all the workouts and resisting sweets this holiday season. I'm pumped to get through this week!

So, what is Body Beast?
Body Beast is a full body workout that is done from home. It's made by the same producers of the most successful and popular home workout programs P90X and Insanity. That producer is of course Beachbody. In the past year Beachbody released P90X2 (last December) and Asylum - AKA Insanity2 (in July 2012). Body Beast is their latest.  The thing that sets Body Beast apart is that it's designed to GAIN muscle.

Pictures are soon to come. Yes I did do before and after photos.

I have yet to do P90X2 and Asylum, so I can't compare with those. But for now, if you are interested in getting a full body program to start the year off right or looking to buy for a loved one, I distribute Beach Body products AND I am happy to coach anyone going through a program.  This would involve accountability and a support team.  Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you more information.  The link below has my contact information.

Find Body Beast, P90X, P90X2, Insanity, and Asylum at Beach Body